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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the site?

You can access the site by visiting

How do I make payments on the site?

You can make payments by simply selecting the category of payment and the biller of choice or searching for the biller from the search tab on PayInstantly

Does PayInstantly work for only GTBank account owners?

PayInstantly can be used by all bank account holders

What types of cards can be used to make payments on PayInstantly?

Naira MasterCard, VISA cards and Verve cards

Is there a limit (minimum or maximum) amount per transaction?

The maximum amount for card payment is determined by the issuing bank of the card holder

How soon does payment reflect to the biller?

Once a successful payment is made, the biller is notified instantly

How do I get listed as a merchant?

Please contact

How can I sign up?

Please contact

Why can’t I log into my account?

Please contact

Must I sign-up to use the platform?

No, you can simply proceed to make payment instantly

Is it safe to make payments via PayInstantly?

Yes, the platform is secure, verified by Visa and enabled with MasterCard secure code